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Home of the Marketing Micro-project™️! Fast, simple and affordable marketing that is small in scope but mighty in impact. The easiest way for you to get your marketing that's tailored to your small business.
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The founder of Seva Digital, Paula McConnell, noticed a recurring problem in small businesses. She asked, why are many small businesses were operating without a cohesive marketing program that made sense for their unique situation? Small business owners were watching D-I-Y YouTube videos late in the night, taking online courses that were time-consuming and expensive, or were relying on friends and freelancers to solve their marketing challenges. The result? A patchwork of tactics that didn't work together, or just didn't work. When asked Paula asked these business owners why they were doing this, they said "marketing was too expensive and too hard to understand." They were overwhelmed.

Seva Digital created the Marketing Micro-project™️, the innovative solution that empowers small business owners to tackle 1 marketing problem at a time simply and affordably. With our research-driven micro-projects and unique platform that matches marketing experts with small business owners; Seva Digital delivers focused marketing solutions that use best practices to fix the one thing that will bring in the most revenue. Every Marketing Micro-project™️ is kept in the Virtual Binder™️ so small business owners have all of their marketing information in one place and future decisions can be made based on data - not guesses. Seva Digital is built for speed and efficiency so small businesses save time and money. Seva Digital also produces Marketing Acorns™️, fun and easy to understand marketing educational content. Fast, simple and affordable micro-marketing solutions for small businesses. Small projects. Big gains.

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